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pianist Barbara Nissman 



Barbara strongly believes that anyone can respond to “classical” music. All that is needed is a set of ears and an open heart. No experience or education is necessary.  Barbara has the ability to take you to magical places- to lift you up- to take your hand and introduce you to the composer and his special world. She connects with the music- she connects with the listener and she communicates, touching souls in the process.




Well known for her performances of Ginastera, Bartók and Prokofiev, Barbara in these thirty plus recordings displays her wide emotional range and extensive repertoire.  Barbara shares her music and makes it relevant to all of us.

Performing on one of the best Steinway pianos in the country located at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, the full range of the instrument with all its color possibilities is superbly recorded by sound engineer Bill Purse. David Barr, the Steinway technician responsible for this extraordinary instrument, is also an important part of this winning production team. The rich piano sound on these recordings makes us believe that we are actually sitting on the piano bench along with Barbara!

Her playing speaks to the heart. 

(For more about Barbara, click here to go to http://www.barbaranissman.com )

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