Filmed at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, West Virginia, “Liszt: the Elvis of the Keyboard,” the first program of the series “Barbara & friends.” Is a wonderful introduction to one of the most dazzling personalities to come out of the Romantic Age, A lively question and answer session with the young audience is also included, As bonus features, Barbara performs and discusses Liszt’s masterpiece, the Sonata in b minor, and compares Liszt’s Db Consolation to Chopin’s Nocturne  in Db, concluding with a rousing rendition of Liszt’s dazzling Mephisto Waltz.
For children of all ages
How do we share the joys of classical music with our young people? How can we open the doors to their imagination and help them to focus and listen? How do we touch their souls?

Pianist Barbara Nissman believes in making music “up close and personal.” She invites all who listen to enter a magical world and experience personally the great composers of the past. Joined by actors from the Greenbrier Valley Theatre, “Barbara & friends” introduces Franz Liszt, our very first “pop star” and the greatest pianist of all time, to listeners of all ages. This informal program combines great music with lively chat and also features some of Liszt’s well-known friends: Chopin, Paganini, George Sand and Wagner.
Franz Liszt: The Elvis of the Keyboard (DVD)
  • Franz Liszt: The Elvis of the Keyboard (DVD)

Franz Liszt: The Elvis of the Keyboard (DVD)

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A wonderful introduction to the composer Franz Liszt and his music for the young audience. A limited quantity still available. Workbook about Liszt included with purchase.

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"She connects and makes the magic of music accessible to all who hear."