Featuring the CD recordings and DVDs
of pianist Barbara Nissman


“I have trouble articulating the difference between Nissman and other pianists. She seems willing to go over the cliff, hand in hand with the composer.”     classical.net

       JUST RELEASED!                                                                BEETHOVEN: Voice of the Future (click here) 

BEETHOVEN: The Visionary (click here)

FRANZ SCHUBERT: Voice of a Poet  (click here)

BEETHOVEN: The Virtuoso (click here)

Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev & Ramey (click here)

New Release on DVD:   Alberto Ginastera  (click here        Watershed  Music by Lynn Purse (click here)  

New DVD:  Franz Liszt: Portrait of the Man & his Masterwork Sonata in B minor with Michael York as the voice of Liszt  (click here)   


More Recent Releases: 

Liszt: Transcendental Etudes (click here)  

Beethoven: Late Sonatas  (click here) 


New Chopin Releases: 

The Nocturnes (click here)        

CHOPIN!  (click here

The label is now expanding its artist list to include CDs and DVDs by quality artists.